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Po and the womp

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It had been raining all day, and it was still raining as Po the Hesitant was making his way back to his evenfold after a long day at the biscuit face.

Po had been thinking about how interesting his day had been with his fellow gligs, and about the soaring firedancers they had found when he felt something through the damp twiggy ground. It was an unmistakable metallic tingle, and he could feel it in his wider toes. That could only mean one thing.

A womp was nearby.

He didn’t stop straight away, if he did he might just startle the womp and could well end up being accidentally caught up in the vortex of some odd fugue brought about by the surprised womp. Last time he startled a womp (by waving back at one that waved at him) he was floated up to the clouds for the whole of Crumly (and missed the mushroom riders) until three moons later he floated back down to Fland. Womps do not like to be startled – it can make them do very strange majicks that sometimes even the womp doesn’t expect and they can easily end up startling themselves even more and causing them to do even stranger majicks, and so on, and so on, and so on until all of the land around is covered in eye-crossing goings-on for many moons, usually until an Osm comes along and fixes it all.

So. Po the Hesitant didn’t stop straight away, but slowly slowed to a slow trudge then slowed to a slow trudging stop. He turned around slowly. There, hiding behind a tree and obviously holding it’s breath and not thinking (he could see no butteflies) was a womp! And not just any womp – it was a baby meta-womp which must have got lost and wandered away from it’s Mampa.

Po sees the womp hiding behind a tree

Po knew that if he wanted to come out of this unaffected, there was only one thing he could do, and it was going to take some quick thinking…


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Bug needs bed.


Acid drops

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Acid drops

Zombies vs Mummies dance off.

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The mummies won eventually.

Pyrophobic ghosts

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Summer mummy

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You can almost hear the flies buzzing.